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Next Step

Shawn Jr has an appointment Monday to have a CT scan and pre-operation visit with the anesthesiologists. He will then have the surgery on his neck and scalp on Tuesday.  By Tuesday we should also have back the BRAF tests.  We are hoping he does not have the BRAF mutation.  

First MD Anderson Appointment

We had our first appointment at MD Anderson today - the #1 rated cancer hospital in the country .  We met with  Dr. Hwu   one of the world’s leading melanoma specialist and the  Head of Cancer Medicine at MD Anderson    Doctor Hwu was great.  A really kind man.  He met with Shawn Jr, asked a few questions and then talked to us about the plan of action.  He said they would start Shawn Jr on immunotherapy (regardless of if he has the BRAF mutation) soon.  Before he starts treatment for the cancer, they have decided they need to cut out some cancer on his neck and on his scalp.  This surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, April 2nd.  The spot on his scalp is where the melanoma started.  They will need to cut that out and take a skin graft from his leg and put it on his head.  This will result in him having a bit of a bald spot on his head.  They will also be cutting out a tumor in the lymph nodes on the left side of his neck.  This is for two purposes.  First, is to eliminate the cancer in th

Houston Bound

We are on the road to Houston tonight.  We have our first appointment at MD Anderson tomorrow morning.  


We are waiting to go to MD Anderson next Wednesday for our first appointment.  The waiting is hard and scary.  

Jeremiah 30:17


Hospital Visitors

On Saturday, March 16th, Shawn Jr had a number of visitors at the hospital.  

Proverbs 3:5-8


The Journey Begins - March 13th

March 13th was the day Shawn Jr got his diagnosis.   Stage 4 melanoma cancer.  It has metastasized into lots of areas in his body.  This is going to be a long road and a big fight.