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One Year Ago Today

Exactly one year ago today Shawn Jr died in a hospital bed at MD Anderson in Houston, TX.     Misty and I were on either side of him holding his hand as he took his last breath.   I hope that is the most agonizing moment of my life because I am not sure I would survive anything more. Shawn Jr’s death is like a dull pain that seems to constantly be throbbing in my heart and mind.   While the pain is sometimes sharp and powerful, most often it is just this dull, aching reminder that life will never be as it once was.   It’s like I can never be fully happy because a piece of our family, and a piece of me, is missing. I was talking to our family and we cannot decide if the last year has been fast or slow.   It has been filled with the normal ups and downs of life.   The terrible memories of Shawn’s death come back periodically and often at unexpected times.   They come back when I see something or hear something that reminds me of him.   Skylin will complain about something