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2 Years - July 11th is Always a Hard Day

Shawn Jr died two years ago today.     That means 730 days have gone by since we watched Shawn Jr take his last breath.    Sometimes it still feels like yesterday.   Shawn’s death is now the milestone that we use for everything in our family.    When we are talking about events, we always reference if the event was before or after Shawn Jr died.    This weekend our family is in Los Angeles at the wedding of Bryan Knostman, one of Shawn Jr’s very best friends.    Josh is standing in for Shawn Jr as a groomsman.    Almost of all of Shawn Jr’s best friends are here.    It’s hard to see this group of people together without him.     He would have loved to be here with this crew celebrating Bryan getting married to Jess.    It is such a bitter sweet moment.  Watching Shawn’s friends hit major life milestones is a difficult reminder that he is not here and had so much life ahead of him.    His friends are graduating college, getting married, starting their first jobs and having children.